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Scientific research

Today, StylGame, is the only company in the market able to fully satisfy all the technical aspects needed to produce a ergonomically correct seat. In 2008 Stylgame constitutes a study group named GISERG (Gruppo Interdisciplinare Studi ERGonomici) Interdisciplinary Group of Ergonomics Studies, committing them the specific research on ergonomic issues referred to the use of the Slot Machines. This study has been developed in collaboration with:
The GISERG research study included:
6.600 hours of study
3.000 pictures
500 videos
50 medical tests, carried out either in laboratory and in the Casino of Venezia.

Research Parameters


Anthropometric analysis on three average heights for both female and male
Anthropometric analysis on typical posture observed for 20 players and 10 slot machine


Biomedical assessment on padding
Biomedical assessment on seating shape Biomedical assessment on the materials Deformation and comfort test


Ergonomic issues
Dimensional patterns result of laboratory tests
Play in Comfort is the solution to get a correct ergonomic configuration, optimizing the gaming positions thus prolonging the player’s ludic moment.