StylGame guarantees the quality of its products by directly sourcing all raw materials, from steel to the upholsterer’s yarn, with a dedicated quality manager constantly monitoring all suppliers.

StylGame works with more than 250 external suppliers and partners that have been carefully selected over the years for their reliability in terms of manufacturing quality and delivery timeliness.

In this selection, the company was facilitated by a territorial context that provides a concentration of specific skills for the chair sector, perhaps unique in the world.


Our products are certified by a third party according to European and international regulations. They surpass the maximum level of resistance required for the 3rd Severe level and also undergo further tests carried out by StylGame with loads 50% higher than those required by the regulations.


50% + level 3° severe
level 3° severe
level 3°
level 2° severe
level 2°
level 1° severe
level 1°



*** Certificate of stability EN 1022:2005 ***
Front seat fatigue resistance EN 1728:2000 level 3 severe
Static load Front edge EN 1728: 2000 level 3 severe
Seat-backrest fatigue resistance EN 1728: 2000 level 3 severe
Static seat-backrest load EN 1728:2000 level 3 severe
Footrest Fatigue Resistance EN 1728:2000 level 3 severe
Static Load Footrest EN 1728:2000 level 3 severe


*** Stability test ANSI-BIFMA X5.1-2002/12
Back durability test – Cyclic -Type II and III ANSI-BIFMA X5.1 1-2002/16
Seating durability test – Cyclic – ANSI-BIFMA X5.1-2002/11
Footrest durability test ANSI-BIFMA X5.1-2002/19
Drop test – Dynamic – ANSI-BIFMA X5.1-2002/8
Backrest strength test – Static ANSI-BIFMA X5.1-2002/6
Arm durability test – Cyclic ANSI-BIFMA X5.1 2002/20
Arm strength test – Vertical-Static ANSI-BIFMA X5.1 2002/13
Arm strength test – Horizontal-Static ANSI-BIFMA X5.1 2002/14

*** The “Stability Certificate” is particularly important as it protects the casino from “Third Party Liability”.


Fireproof homologation 1.IM
Fireproof homologation AM 18
Fireproof homologation UNI-EN 1021-1:2006
Fireproof homologation UNI-EN 1021-2:2006
Fireproof homologation Technical Bulletin 117
Custom fireproof homologation to meet local requirements is available upon request