StylGame’s mission is focused on optimizing the comfort of the PLAYER HUB by demonstrating that if the player is able to fully enjoy himself while playing, he will extend his gaming time.

Comfort is determined by the combination of the following ergonomically designed elements:

Ergonomic Cabinet

Slot base



The choice of an ergonomic PLAYER HUB is crucial to fully express the potential of the slot machine, the gaming tables and in general all the gaming applications, significantly increasing revenues.

Having verified the absolute lack of research on the ergonomics of Slot Machines and Gaming Tables, in 2008 StylGame constitutes the GISERG (Interdisciplinary Group for ERGonomic Studies) research group to which it entrusts the first ergonomic research on the PLAYER HUB.

Since then, the study has never stopped, continuing the research on all the parts that make up the PLAYER HUB, extending it to accessories and technical elements to help increase player’s comfort.

The numbers of the GISERG research:

  • 6.600 STUDY HOURS




Once the research was completed, the University of Udine acting as an independent entity ratified the scientific validity of the study.

The result of the research has highlighted the parts of the body affected by possible pathologies if the correct configuration of the PLAYER HUB is not applied, in particular on slot machines.

Ergonomically correct PLAYER HUB

The ongoing research has led to the design and manufacturing of new Components and Accessories for the PLAYER HUB:

Slot Base

Sliding chair base

Service call

Swivel mechanism

Seat with heating and massage system

Comfort Plus

Social distancing separators

Service table

Casinos or gaming halls thus have the possibility to:

  • Create a 360° PLAYER HUB where the player feels engaged while enjoying exclusive comfort

  • Substantially increase revenue

  • Increase the prestige of the space dedicated to gaming

The successful outcome of the research was made possible thanks to:

Which StylGame thanks for the effective competence and collaboration.

StylGame, to date, is the only company on the market able to fully satisfy all the technical and ergonomic aspects involved in the creation of an ergonomically correct PLAYER HUB that provides maximum comfort to players.