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StylGame® is an Italian company specialized in the design and production of ergonomic products with high comfort dedicated to the Gaming Industry and Casinos.
The company was founded in 2001 in North Eastern Italy, an area historically characterized by the production of chairs, where the Made in Italy quality is enhanced by an ancient artisan experience, paying attention to the choice of raw materials and to details.
Since its founding, StylGame®’s mission has been the improvement of the gaming station. During these years in the industry, StylGame® has proven that, if the player is able to enjoy his moment at the fullest, he extends his playing time, therefore increasing the proceeds and the value of the slot machine.
Through the experience gained in the industry and the deep knowledge of technical and organizational requirements of the gaming venues, StylGame® continuously develops ergonomic solutions with the aim to enhance the playing experience.
Thanks to the ongoing technical research, StylGame® is able to offer a competitive quality price ratio, and quickly adapt to the ever-changing market needs with innovative products.

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StylGame® has an agile and flexible company organization.
StylGame® designs and tests all the mechanical and electronic components, buys directly all the raw materials, from the steel to the yarn used by the upholsterers, and relies on more than 350 partners to whom the semifinished components are commissioned. Final assembly is then carried out at our facilities in Spilimbergo and Las Vegas.
The outsourcing of the components gives StylGame® the ability to choose the most advanced production technology, with great flexibility in terms of production volumes and lead times.